Beginner Facilitator

Indonesia Android Kejar

Apr 2017 - Aug 2017

Indonesia Android Kejar is an event created by Google Developers to make 100,000 Indonesian Developer by 2020. I was one of the youngest facilitators at the time and I was really nervous as it was my first time speaking in front of that many people. But thanks to that, I gained many connection and many experiences from this great event.

IDN Mengajar Trainer

Integrasi Data Nusantara

Apr 2017 - Aug 2017

A brief explanation about this event, IDN Mengajar is an event held by an IT company called Integrasi Data Nusantara owned by Dedi Gunawan in which high-school students were sent to many different Universities or High-School to teach Android Programming or Networking.

Leadership Camp Committee Member

IDN Boarding School

Jul 2018

The Leadership Camp or what people usually refer it to as the Student Orientation Period is a program used to train mental endurance, discipline, and teamwork of the new students. But then again, the work of a committee member is easy as you think. It’s even more rougher than the participants as we have to facilitate them by bringing food, water, etc.

Language Council Committee

IDN Boarding School


Aside from being a class representative, I was also chosen as the Language Council Committee. Because my English speaking skills are better than anyone else, I was nominated as the Language Council President, but it was too troublesome for me so I decided to refuse that offer. Anyway, my role here as a committee is to motivate other students to speak English as well as maintaining a family friendly language environment if you know what I mean.

Android Developer Internship

GITS Indonesia

Sep 2017 - Feb 2018

GITS Indonesia has been active in IT Industry since 2010. Since then, they have developed a lot of applications, both initiative projects and client requests. Their developers are familiar with desktop, website, and mobile programming, but are currently focusing in mobile. As for mobile applications, many of their works are done for Android platform, but they are also skilled in iOS, Symbian, and Harmattan application development. They’re eager to learn new platforms, and are currently exploring Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry.

Advanced Participant

Indonesia Android Kejar

Aug 2017

In this course, I learned how to make an app that is production-ready by developing a variety of different sample apps, each designed to showcase advanced capabilities of the Android platform, including fragments, widgets, media playback, and testing. I also learned how to create UI tests using the Espresso framework, and leverage third-party libraries and services like ExoPlayer and Firebase Cloud Messaging, and use Google APIs to make my app aware of its location.

Imastudio Bootcamp Trainer


Jan 2017

This event was held by Imastudio for 6 days. I was one of the Event Leader along with my friend, teaching Android to all the people who needs it. My role here is to help the participants understand what the speaker is talking about as well as arranging the event.

Class Representative

IDN Boarding School


As a class representative, it is my duty to lead the class and make sure that every single school activity runs smoothly without a hitch. To be honest, It’s not an easy task dealing with all those troublesome tasks with many other tasks at hand. But I still tried my best to fulfill my duties as a class representative. In the IDN Boarding School, a class representative also serves as a Dorm Head because the classrooms and dormitories are merged together in a single building.